Welcome to Alpine Gems!

Like Millie at the ranch, we aim to please. We make creative products for creative people. Work with us. We know the stone, you know what you want to make out of it. A winning team, right?

     Yes, we know the stone. Beautiful alabaster with patterns in green, yellow, pink, white, red raspberry, silver cloud with white transparency, translucent peach, and orange. Purple, rich tiger eye brown and sunshine yellow. We have the variety but work best with those who tell us what they want and trust us to meet those desires.  We make creative products for creative people like you! If you visit the yard, you can pick out your own and no shipping needed.  We are open  Monday thru Saturday, by appointment so we can get the gate open for you.  We are closed on Sunday, no exceptions. Its our day off!

Our inventory changes weekly. New stone from the quarry is posted by Adam or others who work it up into ringing quality or gathered by Marcus, prospector, miner (Welcome back!)  or hauled by Ben, mining engineer.  If you need something from the Virtual Rockyard send us an email at virtualrockyard@gmail.com. If nothing is posted, we are busy and you can call to get a stone sent to you. Art supply for classes, larger Big Beauties, and pallets by the ton are also available. We love posts of what you make from the stone on our facebook page located at Alpine Gems. Call for current inventory selection at 435-625-1474 which rolls to my cell phone.

Laurie Perry, Business manager