A new color of alabaster: Brown

We now have a stone available to mine in the winter. Welcome to Earth Tone's colors of brown. Nathan and Joseph are expanding into developing this new resource. Since it is their own stone, they feel that Grandpa Paul Lamoreaux would have been proud. It has also been harder than they thought to get a new mine going, but they have persisted and they want to complete the cycle by selling to you! Alpine Gems, we hope, will become one of their biggest customers. So get your orders into us and Alpine will order for you. The cost at this initial outset is .85 cents a pound. It rings right at the mine, and comes in deep chocolate, striped purple chocolate, rootbeer white and other variations we are sure to see as we go along.

We also have select Berry patch stone colors in sizes 50-100 lb pieces with some 200 lb pieces: order a mix for the best variety. It includes concrete green, maxmillian green, carlotta green and red, some tiger eye, raspberry, sunshine yellow, and more. This is from the pit Grandpa Paul buried right in front of the cut shop which was discovered as we were putting in the sewer line.

Yes! Ben Lamoreaux has bought the ranch from Mom and updated it with power, heat, water, and fiber optics. This spring look for more activities and events to be held at the ranch such as carving the stone you select on week long workshops with artists such as Alvin Marshall. We put a hold on his class until spring because the utility installation was not quite ready for the public in October. The ranch is lovely again, as if it were just new. ...read our Facebook page for more details.