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500a Translucent Orange Alabaster

This splendid color is rare within the mineral kingdom.  Rejoice with us. In 1983, we discovered this new material of excellent quality and color of natural deep translucent Orange with some areas of opaque salmon to peach color.  Stone comes in slabs of 1" to 4" thickness, rare stones are slabs over 4" up to 6".  Stone weights are 1 lb to 1500 lbs.  We are the only suppliers of this stone, we are known worldwide for this stone.  Demand is very brisk for this stone, it is our best seller.

Stone Grades:

#3 grade 1" to 2" thick slabs

#2 grade 2" to 3" thick slabs

#1 grade 3 to 4" thick slabs

Select Premium grade 4" to 6" slabs (very limited availability)    


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