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Newly discovered, out hiking in the desert heat on a lone mountain top, a peculiar formation lay before me. I brought some of this material back and now I will share this beautiful stone with you.This beautiful blue chalcedony comes in thin bands from 0.25" inches up to 2" inches and is similar to a lace agate, and will fluoresce a bright green under short-wave UV light. This stone comes in a rhyolite matrix and sometimes the chalcedony will be within the stone with a small vug or straight translucent bands of blue and white. This stone also may contain quartz crystals, and some opaque opal in certain specimens. Most of these bands in color, are opaque to translucent blue and white, with some yellow, dark blue and black, with a reddish-brown to lavender rhyolite matrix. Limited quantities only, are available at this time

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