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Obsidian, Gold Sheen

This brilliant silver and gold sheen comes in layers stacked one above the other in multi-shaded mahogany obsidian with scarlet streaks, eyes, or flecks sometimes orange colored. Also in Copper-sheen in a brighter mahogany color. Come along, and I'll tell you how it was found:The summer cloudburst had freshened the desert and we were prospecting in the pungent air. Floodwater down the gravel draw had exposed a washtub sized patch of bedrock. Three large nuggets of the new sheen were laying on top the lava. I was overjoyed because they were the largest ever found of the rare obsidian with the occasional scarlet streaks. We dug by hand for about three hundred pounds. Later we came back with the backhoe and dug enough to make a nice stockpile. Were it not for the summer rain, you wouldn't be using this material today.

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