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Prices and Policies:

SHIPPING: USPS flat rate $20 is a 12x12x6 box of stone any weight, ships anywhere in the United States.  Medium flat rate $14, Sample boxes can also be mailed upon request to new customers. On larger amounts it is about 50/50 through Fed Ex ground or Freightquote for pallet sized orders. We ship to the United States or Canada only. 

ARTISTS , BUSINESSES or SCHOOLS: Price per lb is less the more you order, our best price is for ton pallets of stone.  For educators or universities you can get smaller stone in a mix. 

YARD SALE: Please call  to make an appointment at 435-477-3184. We need a heads up to get orders ready but we have all sizes of stone that you may choose from if you come to the cut shop located at 701 South Meadowlark Lane, Summit, Utah 84772. 

RETURNS/REFUNDS: We will replace a stone of similar size/weight/color or refund your purchase price if a stone ever fails, for all but our flat rate boxed stone. We have been selling ringing stone for 42 years!  But if there is a problem, and that should be rare, call us and we will work it out. We cannot refund shipping costs.  If you have been notifed of a refund for an ordered placed, it is because we are out of stock for the item you ordered, or there was a problem with how it was ordered.  Leave an email at if you have a question.

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