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Welcome! Here you will find some examples of the stone we quarry from our mines. Please call our new phone number 435-625-1474 or write to us at

ASK about our trade sculpture for stone program available to professional artists. We advertise your work, and help you design a website also if you like. Talk to Nate. 

Mohave brown alabaster: Variations chocolate to purple. Available in tall and ringing pieces.

<500   $.85/lb, 500+  $.75, 1000+ $.65   


Translucent Peach Alabaster stones range from 2” up to 14”    thick in some cases. This is an excellent but softer stone  ideal  for carving abstract forms, beautiful for its delicate translucent  nature. The color ranges from a skin tone pink to an orange “  "rind” on its edge. This stone glows in light. Due to its limited existence at the mine, it is more.

   <200lbs   = $2.25    1000lbs+ = $1.25

Translucent Orange glows fire ranging from light orange to deep meat red. Available in limited quantities first come, first served. Due to the difficulty involved in mining As its veins are encased in slate which run up the face of a 300 foot cliff, the price is much higher. Ton price is not available due to high demand. 

Prices  <100 lb  $2.50 lb     <500 lb $2.25

Silver Cloud Alabaster is an excellent choice for carving detail because of its hardness and delicate lacy texture or semi-translucent white striping which can also go to clouds.  Stones range from 2” to 30 to big boulders weighing 1450 pounds. 10 ton in stock
Harvest Gold Alabaster (sculpture by Ron Cooper) Slabs are available ranging from 92 lbs. to 500 lbs. The sizes of the Harvest Gold range from 3” to 8” thick. Harvest Gold is unique. Its color ranges from gold to yellow to orange to grey with splotches of red all swirled up into one beautiful piece of stone.
<200lbs   $.85     1000lbs+ $.75


Other colors possible for art supply, individual stone purchase or in a pallet color mix are listed below. New stone each Wed. is posted on facebook and Instagram. Call for inventory.      Macmillan Green, Seafoam Green, Carlotta Green with Orange spots, Green striped, Pink on White, Raspberry, Grecian Rasberry striped with gray, Indian Red, Angel Pink, Strawberry, Tiger Eye brown and Yellow, Banded Brown, Spotted Comb, Purple B and more. See our Virtual Rockyard for sample stones available for purchase. It’s always a surprise what is pulled out.

<200 1.00 lb   1000+ .85 lb  Yard sale .85 lb



If you order the pallet mix available in various sizes, we try to make your mix beautiful, appealing to new sculptors or those with experience, and cut to spark the imagination. Our prospectors are looking for and finding new sources which are very plentiful in Utah due to the deep salt ocean bed that was established many millions of years ago and the minerals that have seeped down into the stone.

Call Laurie Perry, Business Manager at 435-625-1474 for current inventory or to arrange a yard visit. We are located at 701 South Meadowlark Lane P.O. Box 720058, Summit, Utah 84772.