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How do you carve alabaster?


     At Alpine Gems we believe that creativity is the key element in any business and any endeavor (even mining stone).  We show this belief by providing creative outlets for creative people. Our customers produce some unbelievable finished products from our stone including sculpture, inlay, and functional pieces. Because we cater to artisans our stone must meet a high quality of performance. We achieve this by working up the stone till it rings like a bell. This way the creative process can unfold without interruption.

We will match pricing to Alabaster stone that is similar in color and quality as ours! Save by buying directly from the quarry!

Our stone has price breaks depending on the amount of stone ordered. Our Ton pricing for Alabaster is between $0.65 for the new White Cream to .75 for the Colors to .85 for the Silver Cloud on up to $2.50 lb.  for our coveted Translucent Orange. Purchase the best Alabaster in the World right here!