What is Alabaster?

Alabaster is a Gem quality gypsum that is easily carved.  It is much harder than standard gypsum and lands between two and three on the Moh's Hardness Scale.  Alabaster can also be easily polished with sandpaper and water which is why it is a choice stone among sculptors worldwide.  Alabaster has been found in Egypt and Italy for ages. Our Utah Alabaster comes in some very unique and rare colors, including some that have a translucent nature to them.  Our Utah Alabaster is all natural and is mined directly from our quarries by us.  It comes out in natural bright Translucent Orange, Peach, Silvercloud, Brown, Harvest Yellow and many other colors that are desirable among the sculpting community. We have perfected the process in mining and "working up" the stone into quality ringing pieces that our customers have come to admire.  Save time and money and order your Utah Alabaster directly from the quarry owners - Alpine Gems >Try our new Flat Rate Boxed Alabaster! Each piece includes Priority Flat Rate shipping to anywhere in the USA! Check back often as we are adding new stones all the time!