We size alabaster and lapidary stone in general sizes, by weight of the stone, natural stone sizes and thicknesses.  See list description.  List prices are for roughly prepared stone only, the highest quality we can produce.  There is a price increase for special preparation:

a.   Alabaster Specific Sizing

Add 20% per lb. for specific sizing, which defines the dimensions a stone should have, such as the Height, Width, and Thickness.  Our price list contains the general sizes of each stone type, and these sizes should be used when at all possible. Rough cut alabaster stones that are in shapes that we describe as “Long, Tall and Slender;” with lengths more than 3 times any other dimension must add 20% to the weight of the stone shown. Long Tall stones are also sold individually on our website with the cost of the stone. Descriptions such as “Blocky”, “Rectangular”, “Freeform”, “Boulder”, “50 to 150 lb. pieces”, are general sizes, and are not normally classified as specific sizing.  We recommend these descriptions, as they will save the extra charges for sizing.  If you have a need for special sizing, please call and verify that the sizes you need are available.

b.   Alabaster Saw Cuts

Add $0.10/lb. for a saw cut base.  Add $0.10/lb. for each additional saw cut face.

c.   Alabaster – Weights of Stone Normally Shipped

Normally we ship stones from about 35 to 200 lbs., unless you specify a weight range such as “50 to 150 lb. pieces”, or “200 to 500 lb. pieces”.  Also indicate on your order form the general shape, such as “long talls”, or “blocky/boulder shapes”.

To estimate the weight of a specific sized stone, multiply the Height times Width times Thickness (in inches), divide by 1728, and multiply by 160 lbs. per cubic foot.  For example:

For a stone 24″ Tall, 14″ Wide, and 6″ Thick:

( 24″ x 14″ x 6″ ) / 1728 = 1.17 cubic feet

1.17 cubic feet  x  160 lbs/cubic foot = 187 lbs.

*You can also just multiply the length x width x thickness in inches by: 0.0926 to get lbs.

This will be an estimate only.  The actual size is generally 0″ to 4″ larger, in any dimension, than the dimensions you give us for your specific size stone.  Please allow 15% to 25% additional weight beyond your stone estimated weight.  For the example above, this weight would be: 1.25 x 187 lbs. = 234 lbs.


Buying stone in quantity will decrease the price per lb., but these discounts are at the discretion of Alpine Gems & Minerals.  Volume discounts are stated on the product list.


List prices do not include shipping costs.  Shipping stone in quantity will decrease the shipping costs per lb. Actual shipping costs can be determined by a telephone call or email to us for a freight quote, for non UPS/Fedex orders  We will give you the rate, or call you right back, with the actual amount of your freight.




Shipping stone in quantity will decrease the shipping costs per lb.  All stone is shipped truck freight to you for the lowest rates.  If freight is not prepaid we will send the stone truck freight collect, and no special freight discount will apply.


We ship freight in large volumes with common truck carriers, so we receive discounts from their regular rates.  These rate discounts apply only if the freight is prepaid in advance, before the stone is shipped.


Full trailer (pup) loads of 24,000 lbs. and 48,000 lbs. to certain cities will get a better rate per lb. than for partial trailer loads.  Please call us for a specific freight quote.




We guarantee your satisfaction with our stone and will replace any stone free of charge on your next order. Shipping is not covered by this guarantee and is not refundable. Once any portion of any order is cut or worked on, the order is your property in its entirety.


We will adjust any order if you call us within 5 days after receipt of your order.  Permission in writing must be granted by us in advance prior to any returns.  Any order which is cut or worked by you, will not be adjusted.  You must pay freight charges on any returned stone in full.  We do not accept collect freight.


Freight quotes given for stone shipments, are based upon the shipping address zip code given to us for quotation, and for any special delivery requirements you state.  Additional freight costs incurred by changing the delivery address, or delivery requirements, are your responsibility.  We are not responsible for changes in freight rates by the freight company, in between the time you get our quote, and when your order is shipped.


Our liability for any order is limited only to the total amount of the order.  Once your shipment is delivered by us to the freight company, the stone is their property until it is delivered to you, therefore we are not liable for any damages incurred while in route to you.  Each shipment is wrapped and tied on a pallet, in a box, or in 55 gallon drums and addressed to you.


All stone orders must be paid for in advance, prior to preparation, and the freight charges must be prepaid, prior to shipping. We accept all major credit cards & Paypal, cashier’s check, money order or wire transfer. Payment by Personal or Company checks will delay preparation of your stone 10 days, allowing time for your check to clear.


Every effort is made to ensure quick delivery of your stone order, and the normal delivery time is 2 to 4 weeks, which includes 5 to 11 days on the road shipping time.  If the order is changed by you, or special sizes are requested, this time may be increased from 6 to 8 weeks or longer. We will not accept orders for stone that we do not have in stock, unless you are willing to wait for the stone. Please notify us that you are. We will advise you by phone if your order is not completed within 30 days. We are not responsible for delays by the common carrier while they are delivering your stone.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Thank you for your cooperation.  We have a long list of very satisfied customers and hope to have your business for many years.